Clean lines, clear taste.

It's not just four words. 

Nobody knows better than the brewer that clean lines are critical for the right taste.  At ClearTap our mission is to deliver just that. Better tasting beer means happier customers and more sales. Simple. It's not all just about delighted customers either. Clean lines and proper servicing of a draught system means less waste and better sales margins as a result. So, trust your friendly local professional and see how we can transform the taste of your beer!

Our knowledge of beer, our training, our best practices and our on-going commitment to providing the best beer line cleaning process in the business.  We are not in a hurry, we want to do it right every time.

After graduating from the Winston School in San Antonio and attending the University of Incarnate Word, I realized my gifts centered around finding something I am interested in and being extraordinary in my passion and pursuits in learning everything I can about that subject.  It is still that way today and that passion is beer!  At an early age, I focused on helping people, pursuing good practices and learning from the best. To clean lines I apprenticed in Chicago for two separate stints with The Beer Guy!  One of Chicago’s long time leading beer line cleaning companies.  It is with this knowledge, best practices and desire to build a reputable company that drives me to be your first thought of beer line cleaner.          

Our goal is to establish a professional relationship with our customers and to provide you with quality service for your draught beer system to ensure that every beer tastes as the brewer intended.  


Great tasting beer saves lives.

Okay, maybe not, but it definitely saves money while delivering a better product. Yeast, bacteria, mold; these are just some of the enemies of draft systems. The Brewers Association is clear on the frequency of beer line cleaning; at least once every 14 DAYS!

Our experienced technicians complete a full line clean plus cellar check to ensure your products and equipment are sustained to a top condition. This is made possible by us using our standardized methods, coupled with the very best equipment and market leading eco-friendly chemicals; all of which are supplied as part of our service.

Our pledge to you is to:

  • Always provide the perfect pint time and time again

  • Enhance your draught beers, sales and reputation

  • Deliver a professional service that pays for itself and more

  • Be the very best at what we do and constantly strive to improve

  • Organize and maintain your keg room to the highest standard

  • When your lines are cleaned by an independent like Clear Tap you have full reign over your beer line up not having to rely on just one or two distributors

  • One person, one relationship, you schedule the time when you want us there

With Clear Tap Professional Cleaning your yield per keg will increase . . .that means more profit for your business!

We work with you to set your Beer at the proper temperature at the proper flow . . .not on does the beer taste good, but according to the brewers association, it is a proven fact, your volume sales will increase!

So, when it come to beer, clean lines and making the most of your investment, do like the leaders in San Antonio Beer are doing… Put Clear Tap on your team!



  • Cullum's Attagirl - make sure to get the chicken

  • Blue Star Brewing Company - Pay homage to SA’s oldest micro brewery

  • Burleson Yard Beer Garden - Welcome to the list, Great place to sit outside and drink brews!

  • Embers Wood Fire & Bar - Dad says the best Salmon in town but the burger’s are great!

  • The Growler Station - If you are not drinking at a brewery then you better be drinking at The Growler!  Always a great line up!

  • Hops and Vines Distributing - Check out the local beer and wine this team distributes.  Easily some of the best in South Texas

  • Islla Street Brewing - A big shout out to the Pena’s and their passion for their grandfather, their family and some of the best beers we have tasted.  If you are looking for a party with your beer this is the place to go!

  • Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery - Les takes care of the beer and Balfour is one of the best chef’s in SA

  • Stella Public House - Pretty simple here - fresh ingredients, farm-to-table, great salads and pizza with a great draft line up.

  • Weathered Soul's Brewing company - Marcus Baskerville has established himself as one of the most creative brewers in SA with Stouts people line up for and a Hazy IPA and   Creamery series that competes with anyone in the country.

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